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ALL the Funnels, Lead Magnets, email sequences below are included, free!

Take Your Business to The Next Level 
With Email Marketing.

To: Potential Email Marketer Who Wants to Build Quality Email Lists

Dear Freelancer and Small Business Owner,

From the previous Video, you must have gathered something that you knew from the start ...

There are only two assets you OWN & CONTROL online:
(1) your website/landing pages and (2) your email lists.

Now, for just $97 you will learn to build a great quality email list.


Turn These Email Lists Into Customers

Email Profits Masterclass

Learn to master the framework
of email marketing

"It Will Take your business
to next level "

How to Turn Your Email List into Customers!
  • Why Email Marketing Will Do That for You 
    and at a lower cost than any other means.
  • What You Need and How to Build Your List
    The most powerful framework.
  • ​Sending emails What to send ...
  • Email Automation
    or how to scale faster.
  • ​Sales Funnel
    The perfect combinaison with email automation
  • Optimization
    of funnels and sequence of emails for
    more conversion and profits.
Avoid the usual mistakes at building email list.
Let The Automated Processes Do Most Of The Work For You!
Simplify Writing And Sending Winning Emails.
Increase Your Open Rate, Click Rate and ultimately Your ROI.

Bonu # 1 - Done for You Email Sequence

You Will Save a Lot of Time!
  • Just copy and past the emails in your autoresponder
  • ​A sequence of 12 emails to follow-up
  • ​7 emails when you offer products/solution as an affiliate
  • ​Abandoned Cart email sequence
The purpose of these emails is to raise interest
of those who haven't bought yet
and to convert more visitors to customers.
Setting Up Your Emails Sequence
is a Lot of Work.
  • ​We have done it for you
    so that you can start with an already done sequence.
  • ​In each sequence, we explain the purpose of the email
    and the content you should include.
Your emails will send prospects to contents, offers, webinars, etc.

You Will Need Landing Pages

in line with your emails ...
This is why is included with the Masterclass,
already done for you funnels templates for most email campaigns you might want to launch:
Email capture with lead magnets, products launch, surveys, memberships, etc. ...

Bonus # 2
All The Following Funnels are Included in
The Email Profits Masterclass 

  • Funnels with Lead Magnets
    to capture more emails.
  • Video Sales Funnel
    A full sales page with a video
    at the top to present your offer.
  • Funnels with upsells
    Steps to offer more
    through the purchase process.
  • Survey Funnel
    to find out more about what
    your clients and prospects want.
  • ​Webinar Funnel
    to attract prospects to your webinars and promos.
  • Membership Funnel
    to transform one-time customer into monthly revenue customers.
  • Product Funnel
    Some lead magnets could be products.
    Example: Yoga Online Classes might sell Yoga Mats. 
  • Storefront
    For up to 12 products with an email capture lead magnets for Affiliate programs.
  • ​And more ...
So that you don't have to stare at a blank page, 
wondering what to include, how to do it ...
You'll save weeks of work. 
It will take you to another level of opportunities ...

Bonus # 3

You don't Know How To Write Those Lead Magnet eBooks?

5 Lead Magnets, all done for you.

For Online Marketers ...
  • 5 of them for 5 different marketing campaigns.
    to capture the attention of various prospects.
  • With Done For You Funnels
    for each of these lead magnets to capture emails.
You are in another niche?
We will show you how to get eBooks done for you
for any niche you want at a very low price!


Manage Your
 Email List
To Take Your Business to Another Level
Learn The Exact Strategy
With The Step By Step Training
Enroll Now In Our Email Profits Masterclass!
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